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Billionaire Bill Corbett

To my pro-Warren pals — If you feel like discussing a move to Bernie here or privately in the coming days + weeks of primary season, hit me up. I’d be delighted to chat about that. Things are going to move pretty quickly from here, so let us keep talking. Bill [gonna pin this]

Barbara Lee

You deserve free health care.

Billionaire Bill Corbett

also stop lying about Iowa. Jesus Christ, man.

I just hope it still pOwns us ten years inpic.twitter.com/Sl1P6gU9Kh
Billionaire Bill Corbett

I just hope it still pOwns us ten years in

Billionaire Bill Corbett

Yes, very important. It's increasingly harder to sell this bullshit to the American public, . You're about 10 years too late.

Billionaire Bill Corbett

I mean I only value niceness in politicians to a point, and I don't think unity is won by shooting wildly in both directions. But since that's your schtick, try to be better at it.

Billionaire Bill Corbett

Hi maybe you should be a little bit nicer (less of a sniping asshole) and a lot more honest. Y'know, that unifying candidate kinda deal.

Billionaire Bill Corbett

Yep, Bloomberg did some John Birch bullshit last night

Billionaire Bill Corbett

Thank you all, we are grateful beyond words ❤️

Billionaire Bill Corbett

For A+ Klobuchar content from someone in MN who knows Amy K well, had her # from the get-go and faced her down re state fair treason, follow (who is also funny as hell)

Billionaire Bill Corbett

looka this beauty of the hour

John Levenstein

Candidates who take stands against attacking each other while launching attacks really think they are getting away with something?

Dem debate last night + Bloombergpic.twitter.com/QHWVn35Ylj
Billionaire Bill Corbett

Dem debate last night + Bloomberg

Sean Thomason

The Rifftrax Live Show 2020 campaign is... live! HOBGOBLINS and AMITYVILLE 4. Lots of great rewards. Also, personal and emotional fulfillment!

Harvey J Kaye

Bloomberg is buying backers & voters.🤑 He stands for the race, class, gender status quo & worse. His ads speak of action on things that matter to Americans. But his own actual words & policies speak of reaction. Watch the videos Hear the speeches. He helped pave the way to Trump

Andrés Bernal

To become a billionaire you have to monopolize industry, discipline your work force, push down wages, minimize their share of surplus, have a never ending supply of credit, authority over government and law, minimize public spending to keep people in private debt, collect rents

Billionaire Bill Corbett

Fact: is trash

Billionaire Bill Corbett

should clarify that it’s not actual bullying when a rich fascist gets dragged backwards through his life, it’s fucking JUSTICE

Billionaire Bill Corbett

counterpoint: he will continue to be bullied and he will deserve it. also his legs are very short.

Natalie Shure

isn’t it kinda weird how billionaires who are “giving all their money away” never seem to have any less of it????

Weedy Sedgwick

This is Minnesotan for "nobody will find your body"

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