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Sometimes characters in movies walk around their apartments brushing their teeth distractedly while absorbed in other business e.g. finding clues online about a big murder case etc. This does not seem like real life to me, how about you fucking psychopaths?

Billionaire Bill Corbett

When I’m brushing my teeth, I am BRUSHING MY TEETH. I am ALL IN, baby. Laser focused on DENTAL EXCELLENCE.

Mara “Get Rid of the Nazis” Wilson

Bill this is Adult ADHD erasure


I would like to explore this because I have convinced myself many times that I’m being more efficient by brushing my teeth and doing many various other activities. Is this a problem?

Tardigrade Bernie

Brushing teeth takes place in front of the sink while not distracted by other stuff. I also have never participated in the ridiculous movie trope of sliding down a wall sadly to sit on the floor up against said wall. I have chairs like a person should

Big ol' Beef Face

If I did that, my shirt would ride up my back in a non-cute way. Are they using double sided tape?


My wife actually kinda does this. Starts brushing, then walks around a bit doing random early morning stuff.

Samuel Whited III


Katie Malik

I dunno man, but I've never solved a murder by NOT distractedly brushing my teeth... maybe I should try it.

Paul and Storm

[P] If I were to be anywhere else while brushing my teeth, I might dribble a little onto myself or the floor or some furniture and that would absolutely 100% be the worst possible thing ever to happen in history.

Spiteful Crow

I do this

jacob marley jarvis

so do i

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