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That I am 100% tired of the Joker. From every angle possible.

Rob Bonnette 🍔🍟

Yes, get him TF outta here
Lance F. Laster

Todd Menesses

There was a time when they used to give The Joker a rest in the comics so he wouldn't be over exposed...guess that plan doesn't exist anymore.

Chris Lee Jack

Tired of Batman in general myself.

Polly writes things ♡ day#15

That's my opinion too. Such over saturation of one villain. There's so many even BETTER batman villains!

Steve Sellers

Totally and completely this.

Ralph Muñoz

Too much focus on the joker, yeah he’s beast and an amazing character. However, we’re completely being led to neglect other amazing, if not, better characters from Batman’s Rogues Gallary thanks to Warner Bros.

Eric B

They could kill him for twenty years and it wouldn't even matter.

scifielements 🍬

..but they’re planning a sequel..

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