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#HotTake #UnpopularOpinion   There is no more canon in our story worlds.  Just jumping on

There is no more canon in our story worlds. Just jumping on points.


It was so simple immediately following, Crisis on Infinite Earths. If you had to pinpoint a proverbial last straw, when would say it went downhill?

David Taylor II™

Last straw without question was the New 52. They shot themselves in the foot with both barrels.


And, more importantly, jumping off points.

David Taylor II™

Well we certainly have to include those now, don't we? My jumping off points: --One More Day & Sins Past --Scott and Emma hook up --Jean and Wolverine hook up --Amadeus Cho Hulk

Steve Sellers

I'd say that's the case for most long-running universes now. There's still canon for series that are run by a single creator's vision, but the big, corporate franchises? Yeah, that's gone.


I miss canon.

Marvel Universe Online

That take isn't as hot as you might think lol!

Mark Victor Ferrer

"Inspired by" rather than "adaptation" is the only way to stomach some of the stuff being produced.



Michael Marquis Albright

Thus, the multiverse. Continuity is a lot of work when you've got upwards of 50 independent ongoing stories updated monthly.

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