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Banking on : A Fast-Evolving Strategy for Indian - Analytics Insight

Mike Nash (Ba Hons) #cameras #AI #AR #ML tech

Let AI (GP-3) write your next blog. More here:


If you’re training a model to classify labradors and poodles, what label would you apply to an image of a labradoodle?

Dee's Pray It Up

The latest The Belief Apparel Fashion Daily! Thanks to

Adesh Sharma

Will it be safe to hold the Olympics in 2021?

Mike Nash (Ba Hons) #cameras #AI #AR #ML tech

Most powerful AI supercomputer on its way. Nvidia and University of Florida team up to create 700 petaflop beast! Read more: artificialintelligence


The primary challenge for projects in the process is managing and communicating expectations to leadership, especially related to the time and costs it will take to develop the .

Let's Roll

The 2020s can be expected to bring about impressive advances in , but still seems to requ

Greg Thomas

Atos partners with University of Oxford on a new, state of the art, deep learning supercomputer... the largest AI supercomputer in the UK.

Chatbot 1 - Me 0 #WheresMyParcel #AI [repost]
Nina Lamparski

Chatbot🤖 1 - Me 0 [repost]


How to identify the right independent variables for Machine Learning Supervised Algorithms? . , , , , , , , , , , , , .

SP500 Machine Learning prediction for Aug 6, 2020: 3,008. #MachineLearning #ArtificialIntelligence #AI
Data Driven

SP500 Machine Learning prediction for Aug 6, 2020: 3,008.

Can Artificial Intelligence detect the cause of diseases? #HPEOEM #AI #MachineLearning
Mark Giardina

Can Artificial Intelligence detect the cause of diseases?

Erik Brynjolfsson

Are Humans Intelligent? This essay by GPT-3 is amazing. Yes, it's cherry-picked but it's funnier and more cogent than most human text. I'm just glad I stopped trusting the Turing Test long before I read it. Via

Nathan One

The Future of Platforms – MIT Sloan Management Review

Professor David Nicolas PhD

The latest The Artificial intelligence Daily!

Nathan One

The Windows 10 'End-of-Service' myth

Francis Lee

Artificial General Intelligence or Strong AI are machines that mimic human intelligence to it's core via

Artificial Intelligence Online Course #AI …

Artificial Intelligence Online Course

#Robot teachers coming soon near you  by  @wef   #ArtificialIntelligence #AI #Robotics #ML #MachineLearning #DeepLearning  #innovation #DataScience #tech
Strahinja Zivkovic

teachers coming soon near you by

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