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SLG Author: Indie Black 🇬🇧🇧🇧 Author

Just wondering...Is the BlackOut film/music industry now going to reinvest in communities: provide free classes to the up and coming on how to navigate contracts/learn business and finance; expose the exploiters - Harveys/Tims/Glitters; protect the vulnerable etc or just BO...

शिवांगिनी पाठक।

If ever the latent low tide of khalistan ever rises up you'll see Hard Kaur & kinds half of film & music industry's idiots standing up who have been made famous by us. Its time you nip their tu laung main lacchi by exposing them & not listening to their music

Dheeraj Mishra♐

Why you don't call it "Bollywood Industry" or "B-Company".. rather than you say film & music industry..!

Pranav Rawal

Really a great loss to our film & music industry May his soul rest in peace 🙏

Prasanta Nanda

Ohh My God RIP. A great loss to hindi film music industry. Omm Shanti .

worlds local music

Couldn't believe the news. Such a great loss to the Indian Film & Music industry. May his soul rest in peace & music! wajidkhan7 you will be missed & remembered forever! 🙏


shocking news about A big loss to Indian film music industry


It's because they need publicity like living things need air and water. "Celebrities" exist b/c of publicity, thus, they crave it, search it out, force it to happen, in order to continue their "celebrity." It's a sick aspect of film/music industry


Sir, On Behalf of Punjabi TV, Film & Music Industry i would like to ask you that when can we resume the shoots in punjab, as thousands of our shooting technicians, manpower & artists who works on daily wages are jobless now. Thanks & Regards

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