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🏳️‍🌈 Barnaby and Chris🌍

👴 👴 (Dads side) Was a Scientist no sport interest, Mums Army Major General Followed Harlequins (Rugby) 🧔 Chelsea (used to go to a lot of games in his younger days Years before I was born) 👱♂ Fulham

Xavier. Black Lives Matter.

It’s an easily accessible game for anyone to just pick up and start playing, but the ceiling of mastery is super high and takes lots of hours to reach (like any fun sport/ interest). I enjoy playing and improving my skills in the game while I compete with other players.


Diverse cast of characters? Check Revolves around a somewhat obscure sport/interest? Check Title has at least one (1) exclamation mark? CHECKKKKKKKK


Radio Sport thread incoming. I loved the station. Did the pale male thing frustrate me? Sure, but in recent years especially that had improved markedly. Shoutout to Nathan, Nigel, Daniel & D’Arcy especially for their efforts and legitimate (key point) women’s sport interest.

LCHS Athletics

Rising 9th grade information, use both of these links! Link to your orientation: . Link to a Sport interest form:

Eltham Rugby

Inter sport interest is hugely important for development. Netflix’s brand new series takes an in-depth look at one of the best sportsmen of all time 🏀 2️⃣3️⃣

Judge 👨‍⚖️

Just little things, give people a reason to be interested/invested in the sport.... interest and betting come hand in hand. Tracks don’t promote enough on social media, Don’t go to schools to show youngsters what the sports about. So many things that could be put in place 🤷‍♂️

Kirstie Levell

Found my new sport interest for the week CMON YELLLLLLOW

Lloyd Cole

Bowie, apparently, had zero sport interest, and he had a pretty rich life, I think. My life is even richer, then.

DARK 💀☠️

I never understood my lack of sport interest. Now I do. Too much bodily harm that affects us in old age! Bullet dodged!

George Brunel Hawes

XFL live on BT Sport. Interest piqued, let’s do this. Who to support though... 🤔 (shortlisted the coolest names)

Brett Santos

This is very smart of them. Gambling interest creates sport interest, can be especially important for something brand new like this


Interest FC

Naim Miah

Such a better app than yahoo sports. Way more customizable, better UI/UX, & content is very well curated to your sport interest


The Niners are so AWESOME. I endorse this sport interest.

Jay Heidrick

I see all these posts re the greatest sports moments of the past decade. None have included v 17 inning game that supplanted Major League Baseball & captured the nation’s sport interest that night. Any list not including that game is not a real list.


The day I stop prioritizing winning in my football team, is the day I know I need to find another sport/interest.

Mpho Letsholonyane

It’s so endearing to see a teacher/school coach take your child’s sport interest to heart... My daughter’s netball teacher wants her to go all the way to Proteas level. Keneilwe blows me away every time I watch her play. I’m humbled by Mrs M... ♥️ 2020 we step it up 😊

Pan Prezes

You are man, I'm man with free sport interest. Not only soccer, but today... 1:1 4:2 0:6 1:1 1:0 2:2

Sebastien Racinais

Unique opportunity to join the team. Looking for experience in management (sports medicine hospital, institute of sport) + interest in one of research areas: Heat / Cardiology / Injury prevention / Hamstrings / ACL / Groin / Ankle

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